January 02, 2013

Letting Go

Often I wonder, when something unexpected happens, out of the routine, it is not highly appreciated by us. Just like Joker said in The Dark Knight, “Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying!” No matter how adverse effects the plan might have on our lives, we want it to be followed. He was right indeed.

Maybe it is because of the habit, the fact that we are accustomed to a certain set of routines which makes our future predictable and life appears to be without any hurdles. Or maybe it is because of a sense of attachment we hold towards the past and it is difficult to let it go.

Sometimes I feel it is the inevitable human nature which has resistance to change. Although they say changes are must and blah blah, we know it is not easy to accept. Let’s look at Sheldon, he doesn't sit anywhere but his spot, he doesn’t eat anything out of his routine, he has fixed days for fixed work and is just so “akdu” as we say in hindi. Perhaps there exists a little Sheldon in each one of us who is hard to be understood and difficult to kill.

What I personally feel is clinging on to things is a sure sign of weakness on the emotional front. Set things free in your life, if they are meant to be yours, they’ll fly and come back to you again.

Of course life isn’t very grateful to us to let things happen as our whims and fancies demand. But we can atleast let the handcuffs break open and cross all the barriers of fear, embrace freedom, look forward to surprises, accept things they are, strive to make them better maybe and try our best to stay happy in what has been bestowed upon us.

2012 may not have been a very good year for my life personally, but I want to resolve to let things go, consider them as a bad dream. I wanna welcome 2013 with open arms and look forward to whats in store for me. Just like Celine Dion says, “A new day has come!”
Happy New Year Folks! :D

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