January 26, 2015

Rumbling and Moaning

Rumbling and moaning each part of her body pained
Hands weary of the vessels she scraped
Feet rugged skin blue cold, even as she whimpered
The noises only squelched the energy already drained

Deep sunk into her hard coiled mattress
She felt the burden of the earth rest on her shoulder
She perhaps needed another arm to rest hers
To provide her slender figure with warm buttress

While her kernel coalesced to desperate rest
Her mind was free to wander on its way
Nonchalant of the worries to come the next day
The inner most self was at its happiest best

She dreamt about the things her body would crave
Her skin could already feel the orange sun's warmth
As her eye painted a serenity descended from heaven
There stood victorious over melancholy, her spirits brave

The unwavering force of her head stretched leaps and bounds
Until the chirping birds ignited the dawn
The physical self summoned her unrestricted soul
Rumbling and moaning into her body, her spirits drowned

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