June 04, 2012

The start of I stand today...

When asked, as a kid, What do you want to be when you grow up? "Just like Dad", would be my reply from the thousands of possibilies I could have blabbed of. Guess, it was like the *black tongue*, what I just said turned true!

Going haha about the fact that I had very liitle (rather no) knowledge on what engineers did to earn a living actually! All that my eyes caught was the fancy of owning a high-end laptop and the previlidge to tour the world in the name of 'working on a project abroad'. Cool, ain't it! would be my thoughts..

Yet, after giving the tenth boards, I was not even sure if I would have taken science or commerce stream. Had a lovely vacation and then results. 90% se jyaada aaya, Oh my God, you have to take science! Somewhere or the other I had this notion in my mind, that smart kids always opted for science and Lo Behold, I took admission in Bhavans with computer science as my vocational.

Step 2: Choosing classes!
One thing that goes hand in hand with the junior college admissions is choosing your classes. All my teachers, my friends' parents, everybody would tell my mum, "Itni smart hai, isko toh IIT karna chahiye." And again, researched for the best coaching classes, came across PACE, next day, admission done, classes shuru!

Well this was just the start of where I stand today...

2 years of complete slogging, night studies and hardwork gave all the common entrances for engineering colleges. Cleared JEE with a 7599 rank, no use. AIEEE not that good for an NIT again. As far as CET is concerned, I had loads of JEE excuses for not preparing well. In the end, my condition was like dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghaat ka!

My IIT hopes went down the drain leaving me with very little choices. Taking a drop for a year was not something in my mind. Then I heard of Mumbai University keeping some seats reserved for students giving AIEEE. My hopes arised and my search for colleges began. Came across V.J.T.I., S.P. and D.J. which had the best placements (yes, that's how I selected colleges), checked for last years cutoffs, got a fair idea that I could get in!

Despite the confidence, for my mum's satisfaction I took admission in D.J. Sanghavi, attended college for a few days there, made many friends there and when I got a chance in S.P., I switched here!

I still remember the day when I went to withdraw my admission in D.J., the principal asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Though confused at heart, I nodded affrimatively. And hence I am here, at Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology!

Well like I said, engineering was not my choice really,


  1. Are you happy you got washedawaywiththecrowd?

    1. A tough question. My answer is a no, I am not happy though I am not so firm about it. It is like I had no option at that time, what I can do now is make a mark in a crowd, and accept things gracefully. Having said that, I am not sad about it too, I have got tons of opportunities and "good things" in what I am doing now. :) I am happy with my choice.

  2. A discussion we've had almost everyday, now.. "Engineering". :P
    And dont worry, everyone selects colleges on the basis of its placements. :D

  3. Nice blog. Reminds me a bit of my past :) . regardless of what I thought, everybody around me thought that intelligent kids (i.e. those who got very good marks, though I totally disagree with that definition of intelligence) took up science. And so I ended up in Science stream too (co-incidentally with Comp Sc) :)

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, I agree that it's ridiculous to judge 10th pass students just like that. It's a sad state of thinking our society holds at present.

      Thanks a lot for reading :)


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