June 18, 2012

Padhi-likhi Bai - A new concept

P.S. (before the Script to ensure there is no prejudice while reading) :My second post yet, too early too be critical, yet this was pinching me since long and hence...

The very first episode of Satyameva Jayate, focussed on how important a girl child was to the Indian household. Very well discussed and lighted upon for that week. Newspapers carrying the after-effects of the show, how the episode made an impact and blah blah blah..Well after that, it was forgotten!

Anyways, this isnt what I really want to tell today. "Stri shikshit hogi toh saara desh shikshit hoga" is what was said for the promotion of girl education. It was understood, implemented, it worked!

Seeds of high ambitions in the eyes of little girls were sown. Each of them wanted to be a doctor, teacher, engineer when she grew up. She wanted to walk along with the boys giving them a neck-to-neck competition. As she moved on the quest to fulfill her thirst for knowledge, she realised what she wanted to be, what she wanted from her life. And when success was standing right at her door-step, she was shown the brutal face of reality.

What I imply here is, no doubt that girls are given equal opportunities to grow and learn however there is an end to it. Her career is given a full-stop when she is of the right age i.e. when she is ready to be married.

To carry on her man's household, she gives up all her dreams. The life full of comprimises begins. Why? Afterall, why is she told go conquer the world when you know that she will be summoned back? Why at all tell her that equality in gender exists when she has to give in forcibly at some point of time? Just because she is the girl - emotionally strong, empathetic and has courage to do so?

And surprisingly, all the men want their wives to be smart, intelligent, holding atleast a bachelor's degree and should know to cook good food, keep the house clean,know how to raise children and so on...
But they also want that she should not be working, because if she works, she satisfies the first half of the criteria but who will step into the second set?

Like what my title says, a new concept of Padhi-likhi Bai has emerged.

So what was the use of her hardwork that she put into not to just pass but to secure a good job, a position in a renowned firm? Some men say "self-satisfaction" as an answer, but believe me, it sounds as lame as it could on Earth.

However.. But.. On the other hand..
This is the major difference in the Western and Indian cultures. If women here in our country were given the complete freedom to do what they wanted to, we would be no less like Europe where children grow up in boarding schools, food is never cooked at home, inegrated families would be a distant dream.

Someone or the other has to sacrifice to make our institutions work,
and like they say:
Ladies first!



  1. things will change....
    keep hope...

    1. Well you know what I spoke of.. So hoping for the best!! :)

  2. you look at ur point of view,but many promising females give up just like that..i've seen 100s of real life examples when both the guy and the girl who are married both well qualified but after sometime woman tries to give more time to family,there's no fault of guys but its the girls who let in their many of their emotions in their long childhood dream of becoming something.

    1. Well, to some extent agreed with the fact that women drag emotions in between but,
      the society does not accept a male as homemaker and the wife as the breadwinner!

  3. fyi if u look at the new geneartion of guys they are supporting their wives in everything they do,dont make it a general answer coz some men are men and those who dont support their woman's dream are no man,i say according to me he's a jealous prick

    1. A jealous prick is most of the times pressurised by the society.. Surrisingly I am in a way supporting you :P


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