January 25, 2013

Google Goggles and Glasses are different!

Very recently Google announced two interesting products, both of which caught my eye and are real interesting things they could’ve come up with. One being Google Goggles and the other is Project Glass, the two are often confused with each other. Hence the blog post to those who get confused very easily, please don't mess with this!

Google Glasses or Project Glass, is a research and Development undergoing to develop a Head mounted Display which works like a smart phone. Yes you heard it right, the movie head gears got real and useful! They would look like normal spectacles available with a hands-free which will connect via the internet and recognize languages. It’s like you will be wearing your phones soon, connected to the world at all times. The concept is yet to be implemented and put into action. And if what has been promised is given, it’ll be a giant step in the tech world.

Google Goggles is a kind of a recognition app which enables you to “search” by image. Google had this facility for computer browsers earlier and was a total hit. You simply could drag you image in the search box and similar images would be available at the go. Correspondingly, the search result could be found. An excellent way to search. For the mobile version of the same, Google Goggles was introduced. It is an app that is available for free on android as well as iOS running devices. Using this app, you can scan text and get it translated in your own language, a boon I must say to people who travel a lot. It also recognizes landmarks, from which you can always know where a picture was taken. I tried my photograph from Matheran and it worked.  We can also scan for books and contact numbers, Google Goggles will give you the complete info about the book and the person/place. They have also included artwork recognition. Patented artworks when scanned, you get to know the artist and the story behind the painting. Next time you go to Le Louvre, you wouldn’t need a guide for sure! And last but not the last, is its ability to recognize labels and logos. From wines to cosmetics, you can always know what is the quality of the brand you’re about to buy. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and go finish your Logo Quiz! :P


  1. Google has really grown into a big giant in the last few years and came up with some really cool stuff. You have written a good analysis! But, I fear the day when Google is going to misuse the data. Think of it, every Android device, Gmail, Google + , Blogspot and all the products you mentioned. It's a big organization and even if a small unit cracks up, it's going to be real bad. Google needs a serious competitor.

    That said, this is my first time to your blog. Came from SP bloggers inc. Nice read, would like to read more from you.


    1. Yeah no doubt about it, in fact if we notice, very smartly have they spread into different areas of the internet. And they are still expanding. In fact, the misuse of data, Google tracks the webpages you surf on the internet too - the searches you make, the links you visit. Its quite scary to imagine the amount of personal information they might have about an individual. (God, I will come up with a post on this soon :P )
      I guess facebook is making all attempts to compete, although not sure if it will be a real help.

      Thanks a lot for your comments :) I honestly appreciate your feedback!


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