January 06, 2013

Dreaming about dreams

We often talk about the existence of a parallel universe in the fourth dimension where we occupy the same time but two different spaces. Dreams, however teleport us to a different world altogether literally without getting bothered about space and time.

This world where we are the Masters of our own destiny in the rightest sense because things shape up the way we want them to. We meet people who left us and build imaginary conversations which might be difficult to materialize in the real world. We face our fears and we either come up with possible reactions to particular situations or get scared and try our level best to avoid such encounters. Sad dreams tend to make us proactive while the inspirational ones buckle up our enthusiasm for the day that follows. Some dreams are just so random - a small incident we did not pay attention to during the day sets our brains racing.

Dreams have fascinated me since I was a kid. I am an avid dreamer. But there are several things about dreams that intrigue me..


Here I am in my imaginary world where the stage is set, the story has built up, graphics are mind blowing and the movie begins. I am in my room with my siblings in the middle of a dispute and I am red with anger. Suddenly the phone rings. I decide to spit my anger away and reach towards the phone to see who it is. But just before I read the flash, my sister is calling out my name and continuously poking me in an irritating fashion. Turns out that I slightly open one eye and barely see her anxiously handing over my phone to me as it rang. Surprising!
The story in the dream and all okay but why, why did my sister, the same ringtone of my phone, it ringing at the same time occur in real?

-----Surprise Surprise-----

In fact many times as I ponder over something when in solitude, I realize I have been in a similar situation with the same people before. That's when it dawns upon me, I had dreamt of this same exact thing the other night!
Can I predict my future in my dream? Do they indicate me what's coming?

-----Surprise Surprise Surprise----

And there these instances when after a sound sleep I wake up to tell mother how hilarious a dream I saw was - what I was wearing, what was I doing and so on. But then there are an equal number of times I wake up with a start, think of the dream for a fraction of the second in my conscious mind. Th every next moment, someone just hit the Shift + Delete button. Oh my God! I can't remember a thing about what it was!
Do you remember your dreams?

See? Dreams have left me unanswered to so many questions. They are mesmerizing things that occur to us and I love living them. Although not much is clear about it now, someday I'd actually like to know the science behind this unique phenomenon.


  1. awesome ! we do experience these situations many times!! very well put up.

    1. Thank you Swap! Great that I'm not the only one :P


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