January 04, 2013

Being non-photogenic

What makes me evny, err no it’s the wrong question. What makes me jealous? Bwahaha, got it right now!

Yeah, so what is it? Photogenic people! I often wonder when God made faces, he made some cute pretty one’s, some cranky one’s, some that you can’t help staring at and some that you feel punching right through across. Yet. Why at the first place despite so many variations, did he have to create another set – the photogenic and the non-photogenic?

Honestly, I wouldn't even think of it as a discrimination against the ones who aren't if I were not to be one!

So while the rest of the world is busy going click click, I wait back to check if the nose does not look very puffy, if the eyes don’t scare the shit out of a baby, the smile isn’t too broad or the forehead doesn’t look wide. Eh, enough! I don’t wanna take a picture of myself, I better stay away from the shutter bugs!

Phew as a result, my album scopes are limited; if I visit new places I scan my pictures throughout and then selectively upload one or two maybe. When people ask for a spontaneous snap, I’ll try to refrain by making an excuse or just say, “Ah my photos aren’t that good.” If I manage to skip away with that well I am lucky apparently else I am in a Sympathy dilemma. By which I mean, the person will be like, “Oh cumm’on, you are not that bad. Blah blah blah..” after which a snap is guaranteed.

(If you’re still reading this, you are not so photogenic just like me or you are of those who like mocking me)

The end result needless to say feeling bad about not being able to give a good picture, something which is absolutely not in my hand!

So what do we do? We settle down with some very few memorable photos in which we look good and preserve them forever. Our Profile Pictures change seldom and all our tagged photos are creepy. Perhaps looking at the brighter side, we are the ones who show off less, and eventually get least bothered by how we look not only in the photographs but in real life! Less to worry about and more time and energy on having a gala time rather.  :D


Meanwhile, you might want to take a look at this hilarious video describing our situation:

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