July 07, 2012

Results With A twist

Sem II: A regular day at college. My friend and me, finished with practicals a bit early and were whiling away time. We bought a maggie from the mini-canteen and were chit-chatting while the breeze near the corridors right outside my class hit our face. Suddenly the quiet aura around took a massive u-turn. We could see all my S.E. Seniors spring out of all directions. In the spur, the two of us realized that their results were out. It was the first time we had seen results being displayed on the notice board. Over all these years, in schools and junior colleges, our results were handed out to us privately. This concept was something we had seen only in movies so far. The notice board, we realized didn't only display the results but it showcased a wide variety of emotions. Expressions ranging from shock, surprise, anger, sadness, happiness were portrayed. The scene looked horrible. Some were talking on the top of their voices and for others, their voices shrank. Some were continuously busy on their mobiles, and the others were discussing a great deal amongst themselves. This put both of us in a fix. My friend said, “Yaar, I am damn scared now. If these guys are facing so much trouble, imagine ourselves in their position.” Of course, what she just said was absolutely right. Our results were not far away. How are we, poor little F.E.'s going to handle so much pressure? What about the fact that the result is going to be an open window for our peers to poke fun at? Mutually, we decided not to worry about it for now and take things as they come.

After four days…

The MU website published results as “pass” or “fail”, that’s it! Nothing beyond that. People who passed were curious to know their percentages and for those who failed, were not sure of the KT subjects. What a great deal of confusion it was! Finally, all of us assembled at college the next day with butterflies fluttering in our stomachs. Every minute of all the lectures seemed like ages. However, at the back of our minds, we knew that we had to be ready for surprises. Half an hour before the notice was to be displayed, everybody started gathering at the shack and expressing their concerns. Some my classmates played and sang songs like “Give me some sunshine” on the guitar. And sharp at 5, we started shouting out the countdown. 3, 2, 1… Lo behold! The notice was out and it was fiercely pounced upon and a complete fish-market situation had evolved. Roll numbers and marks were constantly yelled out. A few friends shouted out my score too. After sometime when things calmed down, we rushed to check the marks distribution and of course, providing details to friends who had not turned up to college that day. Anybody who met me had the same question to ask, “Kitna aaya?” The answer, a smile. Next was rushing home as soon as possible to find comfort, try to digest our fate, and begin the study preparations for the next semester with complete zest!
An enchanting and enthralling experience that I had as a First Year Engineering student…

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