July 02, 2012

Hope, never give up...

Tried creating an analogy here, hope I got it right :)

Over and over again, TIME kept saying the same thing.." This world is too selfish and mean for you to survive".
I said "No!  Time, you waited for none and that's why you so. I have Somebody, Somebody who cares for me much more than I do. I call him a FRIEND."
Time stood still..It seemed like it wasn't moving.
It whispered, "Oh! I have heard enough of this shit..What did you get the last time too? Betrayal?"
Collecting all th goodness in my soul, I had to give an answer.
"I want to give it another try."
"Oh really? i have seen many like you. They realise things too late. I am waring you in advance, Live Alone And You Stay Calm."
Retaliating I yelled, "Just go away. You don't have a heart! My friend means everything to me. Don't you dare tear us apart."
How stupid is time, I said to myself. Unlike what people say, Its not him but friends who heal all our wounds.
When with my company, days passed into months and months onto years. Life's journey became such a cakewalk.

------------------------------ YEARS LATER-----------------------------

The whole world was conspiring against me. How sad I was, and I walked upto my friend. He looked at me and thought, "Surrounded by danger, but not a penny in the pocket. Such great talent, but equally a threat."
He said, "Umm.. Who are you?"
Yes, he failed to even recognise me!
"Dear I am your friend, don't you even remember me? Believe me, you are my only strength."
"No! Just leave, I don't want you anymore", this was all I got to hear.

Tears filled in eyes, I walked down th moonlit bridge when I heard a  murmur, "I warned you before; the world's a nightmare. You still have me, I won't leave you alone."
I didn't say a word as the tear fell off. My mind was a battlefield, 'TIME-FIREND-FRIEND-TIME-WHAT!!'
I sat down on the bridge, staring at the silent water.
Tears clogged my sight but my heart was pounding as hard as it could.
Thoughts stopped.

My vision became clearer as I saw a figure in the dim light.
Hopes build.
Things finally seemed bright.
Neglecting Time, I walked upto the figure and boldly said,


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