January 10, 2014

Waiting, for the world to see

Its a pretty just another day, I am scrolling down my facebook feed. I am irritated. Why? The entire feed is bursting with "Hey, look at me" posts. There are the
- look-how-happy-i-am-with-my-bestie,
- oh-i-love-politics,
- look-i-answer-on-quora-i-am-such-a-genius,
- whaaat-you-didnt-watch-this-movie-yet,
- check-out-this-link-i-am-so-updated-with-technology,
- omg-this-party-was-awesome,
- i-share-memes-with-my-friends-i-am-cool
 and countless such posts waiting to be watched, judged and be jealous of.

It isn't really facebook's fault that made me feel so bad. That's how probably even I am. Waiting to show off the fun we encounter before we even dive into it. Waiting to so called share a status before even fully tasting the ice-cream. Waiting to shout in every living soul's ear, I live a life. It is all about the deception of looking perfect, the feeling of getting noticed, the pride of being talked about and the fear of being judged.

Eventually as I have come to comprehend, we fail to enjoy the little moments in life while we are busy painting the bigger picture. We limit our ourselves to the people who judge us. We cannot help thinking about other people - those who really love us unconditionally, without judging. Every action of ours is influenced by the after effects of the very typical - log kya sochenge.

Acharaya Sir, my physics teacher in Pace pointed out his observations in class one day. He gave us a sum to solve in the closed classroom and was himself looking out of the small glass window made on the main door. The peon who'd take care of the functioning of the lectures was almost dancing and hopping as he walked along the corridor. He was under the pretext that no one's watching. "We are ourselves only when we know no one is looking at us or judging who we are. We are free at our will, expressing our joys and sorrows in little actions like how we walk."

Poor little us. We forget expressing what we really feel while drowning in the fear of how we will be judged. If only we thought less of what people think of us!

And as a matter of irony. It is so challenging to be happy while being popular online! Consider the recent Alok Nath saga. He is so talked about, his pictures floating everywhere, etc. He didn't even do anything to instigate the meme-makers (For once, memes on political parties are still justified). This example may not cite what I exactly want to convey through this post but there is one thing we learn. Attention is dangerous too! :P

Anyway, the point is no matter who is watching, the decision of beingYou, being who you really are is in your hands. And that's just how I wanted my blog to be - beingRitika, who I am.

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