February 20, 2016

Being the nature, shaken and broken, yet..

The burden was just pulled off
Sudden freedom, not what I was expecting
Just like how your lungs will breathe
If given pure oxygen
I stood still
Spiralling deep into the void with my naked eyes
My brain spinning thoughts faster than time
Faster than the speed of light
The grey carpet on the floor became
A canvas for the hungry whore
Processing how would I return
More than 2800 entries in SQL query
Oh my god, did I spill a secret?
Oh wait, I think I am smelling the next round again
Damn, no its only the mint flavored regular
Anyway, where were we?
There are so many threads running
My heart was racing
Yet I painted pictures
Of the glory I will wear
I didn't want to move
Because I didn't know
If my body could balance itself
In the presence of zero gravity
Left to its will
Next moment courage rushed in
Illusion, he said..
I went into an art illusion
Tripping my thoughts
On an orange blog
Oh no, there I go faster than my fingers again
So courage rushed in,
Heavy metal played
I decided to sway my head to the right
I felt as if I am falling
But I decided to take the leap of faith
So free I felt
Free-er than the white pigeon
I wonder
If it makes you barge all closed gates
Like a greedy big black dog
Hounding for its prey
Why is called being stoned?

P.S: being the nature, shaken, broken yet only being not complaining like a stone.

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