October 24, 2014

A whisk of bad

Apparently I'm good, Humble I am
Selfless, zealous and perfect
Not too far fetched
To address me as

Oh I loved the attention
The envy the love and care
My name on everyone's lips
Who wouldn't dream of that

But lately I've come to realize
Of the devil in me
Who only thinks of I, me, myself
Unlike the world presumes me to be

This perception is new
Unknown to the rest
Still dawning upon me
As I think more about it
I start fearing the evil inside

Is it that bad
My intentions so wrong
What all happened
To the genuine feelings I once had

Oh or wait
Am I still the same, same old me
What if it is those people
Who started expecting much more of me

Ah I lay in a mess
To messy to be cleaned
Thoughts cluttered and the heart
Dominated by the malign side of me

All I have to do is identify
Locate it and give a slow kill
The venom will destroy the poison
To get back the original me

With the passage of time
I will defeat that demon
Its my own soul
Who'd make a better killer

Its not gonna be easy
I am going to that road
A whisk of bad it is
But it is still what complete me

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