October 30, 2017


There is this fish in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia - tuskfish. 

He wakes up every morning and swims to the edge of the reef. Then he digs the corals and the rubble searching for something. It looks unnatural to watch something dig with its fins, no hands. But it continues, and then finally he finds a clam. He manages to hold it in its mouth and swim all the way back, except this time with the clam in his mouth. 

He arrives at his lunch table, its kind of a hollow coral with walls. Like a shallow well. It wastes no time, and it throws the clam’s hard white shell across the walls in an attempt to smash it. Nothing happens. He repeats, he keeps throwing the clam on the same spot with high accuracy. Not giving up. 

Finally there’s a small crack, after a hundred attempts. He throws it once more, with the same intensity and there, it breaks open. A small squiggly meat comes out and the fish devours it. The camera zooms out, you see inside the bowl shaped rock, so many - so so many of such broken shells, accumulating over days. The fish does this everyday, all its life. Its a mere fish.

What do I have to complain about? There's so much hard work to do.

Courtesy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/ Blue Planet II

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