April 10, 2014

The struggle begins

I saw him pour iron in the mould
He chose nothing but the best Valerian steel
As he waited for the glazing red to turn cold
Deep down he knew there was a war coming

So I ran home, gathered all the courage I could
Looked for all the words of wisdom
And found as many that could do me good
Just like him, I saw my own little war coming

He practiced all day, he practiced all night
Clanked his sword with the best of men
Until every attack he made, hit right
After all fighting his own father won't be easy

Inspired I knew, I too had it in me
Wiped my tears, sat before the mirror 
A pen, piece of paper and those words had to be
"That's it. I will say a NO today"

He put on his armor, held his shield 
Despite no one by his emotional side
He had to be strong and not give up or yield
In his head, he told himself, its now, the struggle begins

I have a reason, a valid explanation
Closed my eyes, took a deep breath in
I could see my hero whisper to me in slow motion
"All the best my warrior, the struggle now begins.."

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