September 06, 2013

When redundancy strikes..

There was a time when ideas were new
They only meant to be nurtured and brewed
Look around, what do you see?
A chaotic clueless crazy crowd
"Big Daddy" is what all are trying to be

I was so naive and gladly joined one
Contributing to the rat race I was taking my run
Turn my back, and what do I see?
A ravenous rapacious rampant rabble
Waiting to outrun and eventually vanquish me

Why so serious? What's the big deal? 
What's in name, what's in the stamp and seal?
Splash some water and what do I see?
A serious senseless shortsighted swarm
Working for ego - the smallest possible fee

We could work together, united make it large
But we chose to get a separate power, our own charge
Open my eyes and what do I see?
A pretentious pompous phony pack
Whatever it will be, their ego will be

That's exactly when redundancy strikes
Nobody cares about what the mass likes
I gather myself from the mess, what do I see?
A floating frantic frenzied flock
Hence they duplicate in order to dodge the mock

Perhaps there people just like me and you
Not liking the artificial bizarre few
Lets get together, what can we hope to see?
A lustrous legitimate logical lot
Who fought the shrewd legacy and harmony was bought

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