May 01, 2016


It was no longer tamed
By the wrath of the of the hot star
The beach had died down
Setting all chains apart
Adorned a silver tiara
Let the agility to a cease

The streets were quiet
The dogs fast asleep
'twas me and only me
In the serene company of a glowing light
Bathing in the metallic sea

Rustling breeze in my hair
I couldn't be less carefree

We walked a thousand miles
Atleast what it seemed like
Amidst the settled chatter
Of the men of the sea

Unaware of a material world
Bored by the boundaries of the earth
Lunatics, in search of peace
Who stopped only when they saw
What their souls had been searching for
There it was,
In pitch darkness

Only our legs could sense it,
The patterns of the Tatami
Only our eyes could hear it,
The patterns of the diamond designs
Only our ears could see it,
Rustling stories of the waves

Only our souls could now rest
As our bodies sank into the rough land

It was me and my reflection
The flame and the fire
Burning beautifully in the strongest winds
Seeking the shape of the breeze
To strengthen its own

Two of a kind
Began on a journey
To each of their own
My reflection and me

My reflection and me..



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