November 26, 2015


We spend our lives telling them
Once upon a time
About you, about him
About her, about people
About this, and that

We look for them
They make our lives interesting
Events, accidents, memories, 
We want to bash into one

We want to recite them
Again and again
To our children,
To our grandchildren
Till they remember them
And they recite them
To their children and grandchildren

They are so good
We wish they never end
So gripping
You want to hear 
A little bit more

Some bring laughter
Some tears
Anger. Lust. Greed. Rush.
They are so powerful

But isn't that what a great story does?
They make us feel
Make us believe
What we stand for
What we fight for
What we live for
What we lived for..
Once upon a time,

Are like diamonds
Precious and pure,
They really are with us forever


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