June 10, 2013

The wretched saas-bahu

The first obvious reaction to a teenager of this time given will be, "You watch T.V. soaps?" :O
Let me make the disclaimer, we all have at least one member of the house - mother, nani, dadi someone who will no matter what change the T.V. channel to Sony/Zee/Startplus/Colors during dinner. And the funniest part is their superb excuses, "Arre this cricket match? It's fixed, I am telling you so-and-so will win", "Full day music music music. Your ears will rot! Give me the remote!" or my least favorite, “These American serials and movies are fake. People don’t sit in coffee shops all day and gossip. What nonsense you all watch!”

As if these daily soaps are no less than nonsense it seems. Let me cite the serial that goes on while we have dinner – “ChanChan” on Sony. I hate the word. Hatred so much so that my sister calls it my favorite TV show in order to pull my leg. Okay so this show, is typically about the “ideal” girl Chanchan who is caring, fun loving, polite, listens-to-her-parents-no-matter-what, has a villain mother-in-law, follows every principle, can never be wrong, blah blah blah. All in all she is just perfect. Just another saas-bahu saga you can say.

Come on, give me a break. How many such people do really exist? How many people will sacrifice for their mother-in-laws without making a fuss about it? How many girls will silently stand as a random person will come and insult you and talk ill about your character! How many girls will marry an eco-friendly marriage where plates are recycled and food is plain and simple to avoid wastage? How many brides will not accept any gifts on their wedding but intead persuade their visitors to fund a street child? It’s way too much of an exaggeration. Nothing like that can be real! Ever.

Forget these “ideal” characteristics of the girl. Each soap will have atleast that one vamp who will dress in the best designer sarees stalking the male protagonist of the show. Eventually she will be enemies with our perfect bahu. Literally ever goddamned serial has got that at some point. We hear of such cases only once a while in the newspapers. Everybody has got some business to do. Why will they keep stalking the perfect bahu all the time? I simply don’t get it.

Even the men on the show. They’ll be at home all the time. Arre, don’t they have work to do? Agreed you live in a big bunglow with 10 servants but don’t you wanna earn? They are shown always sittign at home interefering in the saas-bahu fight. How typical!

Hospitalization. Baapre, they have someone in the hospital at all times. Hit by a moving truck, poisoned by the negative role, hurt while fighting off some gundas on the street, and such stories present all the time. Then they’ll show a police case and the bahu will keep weeping for the next 40 episodes. Best thing of all – the person in hospital will end of losing half his memory. And that’s the twist our mums will be waiting for! K

The males on the show would have married at least thrice, haha that’s the minimum count! Like seriously? They also had this trend of killing a main character and then bring them to life again. Duplicate roles, endless! Now how is it possible, every house has a remotely located duplicate character. Very typical again.

And yet our beloved mothers believe that these stupid stuff connects with their real lives. I really feel like asking her, how many such villains do you have in your life? Or forget that, show me one example that links your life. How on earth can these depressing shows be a source of entertainment at all?

My mum must have watched a thousand such serials already. Yet she clings on to this one. Why! Why! Why?? When every other serial is just another serial, then why? In fact, I’ll tell you there are so many times, I’ll predict what the story is gonna be! It’s not really tough to guess. All have same story line!

Sometimes I think, it’s not her fault. Our Indian television has only such things to offer. You cannot watch cooking shows all day. They aren't kids who can watch cartoons. They may not have inclination towards music and cinema like we do. So maybe this trend that Ekta Kapoor started has taken over the face of the television. Smart lady, got the right thing into TV. She knew her target audience and she was well versed with the daily happenings. Added a little creative side to it, loads of mirch masala and emotions to  couple with and there, all shows hit!

The point of writing all this is I am really frustrated with what we have on television today. It is in a way forcing people to stay rigid and makes new changes tpugher to implement. The soaps keep showing what has been followed in our society since years, little focusing on what we, the youth want to make it. As a result, our elders want to follow the same lines and our progress bar is constant. No fresh thoughts evade their minds. Sad, sad state of the television in India.

This is the last thing I want to see for real, I hope it remains a cartoon only;


  1. Thanks for any other great article. Where else may anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such info.

    1. saas means husband's mother, and if you are the man/husbund it means your mother=your wife s saans // have a nice time

  2. hahahahaha where did you got this innovative post image ??? i am laughing like mad after watching it, hahahaha anyway nice post, but photo of the post is just extraordinary creativity of human mind


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